Root Cause Analysis In Nursing

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A root cause analysis is a mechanism used to determine if procedures prompt sentinel occasions. A sentinel occasion is characterized by Cherry and Jacob as "a startling event that can cause genuine physical or psychologic damage or the danger thereof." (Cherry and Jacob, 2011, p. 444) The goal of a root cause analysis is to distinguish the components which brought on the sentinel occasion and to recognize imperfections in the framework which can be adjusted with a specific end goal to keep a rehash of the occasion later on. A root cause analysis is not used to accuse people, and is not relevant when the occasion is deliberate, or brought on by carelessness or a criminal intent. Root cause analysis concentrates on disappointments in the framework…show more content…
As the quantity of patients expanded, it ought to have been obvious that one registered Nurse and one Licensed Practical Nurse were insufficient to look after the patients. The emergency department ought to be viewed as a high priority location, and should have staffed with more Registered Nurses; Licensed Practical Nurse essentially do not have the training and abilities to assess patients or delegate the workload. Dangerous actions such as moderate sedation on a patient with no supplemental oxygen or EKG observing. The patient seems to have been overmedicated, with insufficient time between medications to decide his actual level of…show more content…
We will do this (the second step) for two months, while getting the patient 's, the relatives of the patients to rate the staff efforts, their stay, and the accessibility of the medical staff before they are released. We will likewise have the nursing staff to fill us in as to whether that nursing model is working, what requirements to change, and in the event that they could successfully take care their patients. I would need the studies rounded out on the days that we are attempting the new staffing model, and in addition the days when we are most certainly not. I will then finish step three, which is study and dissect the outcomes from the reviews. Step four is act, where in view of what is found out from my test, I will enhance the change by figuring out what updates should be made, and if need test it again with the new changes

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