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Event Reflective Report
Event Concept

The concept of the event is when customers buy according to our promotion package. 1 box (10cans) gets 1 free customized Coca-Cola can while 1 carton (24 cans) gets 2 free customized Coca-Cola cans. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and most Chinese people will get stock up with carbonated drinks, beers, and etc. The targeted customers are wide, because Coca-Cola is the world most known carbonated drinks besides of 100 Plus. There is three team of crew member which is, Team A who promote our promotion and explaining how to participate in customizing their own cans. Team B which consist of few segment like checking their receipt, key in their selected name for the can. Team C which handle the printer
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The main reason is to boost up the sales of Coca-Cola and also as a gratitude to their customers, collectors and fanatics.

Event highlight and
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The sales was boosted up a lot. The maximum customized can we distributed a day was more than 2200. Because of the queue are too long, the sudden add-on option is where customer bought above 3 cartons or 6 box of 10s, they were not required to queue. They can register at another counter, but they have to collect it from Red Archer office at Sri Hartamas at a designated date. And the record were another 2600 cans. Which means at least a total of 2400 cartons or 4800 box of 10s was purchased by customers or a combination of both under the rule of 1 carton for 2 customized cans and 1 box of 10s for 1 customized

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