Evolution of Women’s Sports: Annika Sorenstam Strives for Perfection not Feminism

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Evolution of Women’s Sports: Annika Sorenstam Strives for Perfection not Feminism

Over the past 50 years, women’s sports have become more prevalent not only in the United States but also across the world. The ability for young girls and women to participate in athletics provides an avenue to experience competitive environments as well as build self-confidence in a world still dominated by men. During the early stages of women’s sports, the main idea was to show that women were worthy of having their own teams and organizations as an extension of the existing men’s sports. In other words, to prove to everyone the women could play many of the same sports that men could play.

Women’s sports today are reaching a turning point in their development. They are not necessarily trying to emphasize the feminism and equality so predominant during the inception of women’s sports, but rather focusing on performing and competing at the highest level possible. This includes constantly challenging themselves and always striving for excellence in whatever sport they participate in.

Women’s golf is a perfect example of this recent phenomenon. Number one ranked LPGA player Annika Sorenstam turned the golfing world on its head in the past few months by accepting a sponsor exemption to the Bank of America Colonial, a PGA event. Her acceptance was met with all types of media attention, including talk of making a statement for all women. However, Annika was quick to explain that her decision to play in the Colonial stemmed from her desire to challenge herself and elevate her own game to a new, unprecedented level.

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