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  • Tracing Urban Life’s Structural Changes in Areas of Park Avenue

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    1pm in the East side of 85th to 105th street Park Avenue, the weather conditions proved to be revealing. It was cloudy and the temperature was 59 degrees. On 85th street Park Avenue one can see the presence of traffic islands. These traffic islands help divide traffic lanes going in opposite directions. Clearly these traffic islands composed of grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers provided a touch of beauty and sophistication to this region of Park Avenue. The streets are clean and there are signs of constant

  • Grand Avenue

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    Grand Avenue In the novel Grand Avenue. Greg Sarris uses the theme thread of poison to connect all of his separate stories about the Toms’, a Pomo Indian family. He proves that the roots of a family are the basis which gives the family its structure, even if those roots are bad. In the Toms’ family they’re roots were poisoned from the very founding of the family starting with Sam Toms’. His poison was not the fact that he tried to steal a married woman away, but that he was filled with secrets

  • Food Avenue

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    Food Avenue Saturday morning at Food Avenue It’s yet another Saturday morning, 7:20 a.m., and here I am driving to work. I wait at the front door to see if anyone will be willing to drop what they’re doing and respond to the annoying ringer that announces that someone is there. After about an endless minute a friendly night-crew member named Frank lets me in. As they pull the door back for me they ask, "So how are you this morning?" "Just fine thank you. If only I wasn’t so tired," I responded

  • Bats

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    Bats Contents 1. Title Page Page... 1 2.     Contents Page... 2 3.     Bat Facts Page... 3-4 4.     Congress Ave. Bridge Page... 5-6 5.     How To Get A Bat Out Of Your House Page... 6 6.     About Bat Houses Page... 7 7.     References Page... 8+ My report is on bats. I will start my story off by telling you some facts about bats. Bat Facts 1. Did you know that the worlds smallest mammal is a Bumblebee bat that lives in Thailand. It weighs less than a penny

  • Cleveland Design Competition

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    parents, staff and visitors. On the site edge along Superior Avenue there is an open space for a the GCRTA #3 bus stop. This site boundary will be accessed also by car and thus adjacent parking along Superior Avenue is considered. An new adjacent street off East 21st Street will provide service access to the school's kitchen, storage and building services. Controlled access to this street will be provided. Access from Payne Avenue will mostly be pedestrian, and students will be expected to interact

  • Grand Avenue Masks

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    Windows to the Soul Many Characters in the novel Grand Avenue, by Greg Sarris, are wearing masks. Masks that conceal themselves and their culture in an attempt to fit into the world that has enveloped their history and stifled their heritage. The key to these masks is the eyes. The eyes of the characters in the novel tell stories. The dispair of the Native Americans is first shown in The Magic Pony when Jasmine, the voice of the story, describes her Aunt Faye’s eyes. “Her eyes looked

  • Musical Theatre Evaluation

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    Contemporary musical theatre is evolving and expanding every year, From “Wicked” to “Once”, but what makes these shows such a success? it is interesting that theatre is still doing well though the current recession society is experiencing; While some productions aren’t a success there is still a handful that are and most of which have similarities, is this why trends are starting to appear? Are we reaching a point in theatre where we can’t take risks anymore? We need to stick to trends to sell seats

  • Wizards and Villains and Playbills, Oh My!: The Niche Musical and the Internet

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    Wizards and Villains and Playbills, Oh My!: The Niche Musical and the Internet In the study of current-day musical theatre, it is easy to see the staggering range of specific topics used as the subject of new musicals. For example, Avenue Q, a loving parody of “Sesame Street”, and Wicked, an adaptation of Gregory Maguire’s novel of the same name, which is an adaptation in itself of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, are two massively different shows which premiered in the same year. These are two shows

  • Martin’s Takeover of Ukrop’s: A Change in Organizational Culture

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    In this paper, the organizational cultures of Ukrops and Martins Grocery Store. The purposes of this paper are to discuss the similarities as well as the differences in culture between the two organizations such as the employee/customer satisfaction, policies, as well as the benefits each company gave their employees. Also in the paper, the reason why Martins felt a need to buy out Ukrops will be discussed. The reason this topic was chosen was because the Martins chain as well as the Ukrops chain

  • The Unknown Rebel from Tiananmen Square

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    place in Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government ordered a crackdown on the protestors, and with the majority of them located in the square, they government felt it was necessary to mobilize forces to that area. As tanks were coming down Chang'an Avenue on June 5, 1989, a lone man walked out and stood in the road as the tanks approached. As they neared they tried to go around the man, but he would step in their way yet again. He was seen waving his hands at the tanks, he even crawled up onto one