Evolution of Newspapers, Journalism, and Its Censorships in China

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Evolution of Newspapers, Journalism and its Censorships in China

As we have read many articles on the past, we have been reading about different censorships that are happening in China. It is very important to understand where China came from and how the country has developed their government, and how the totalitarianism government is and has been playing a role in the case of journalism. There are many scholars who have been studying the situations and evolutionary developments of newspapers and journalisms within China and it is important to see how these situations have developed over course of time. This article will elaborate on the facts how journalism and newspapers have evolved until today, and will give specific examples on certain local Chinese newspapers go extravagant ideologies on censorships within Chinese government and newspaper publications.

According to Greenberg and Lau China’s media development and education have changed over time to meet new demands that was triggered by the political and economical transformations. Educating journalist was another hindrance that Chinese government had to be sure of. Government only wanting the people to know what they want them to know, and journalist publishing articles by following authorized implementations and regulations that were given and guided by the Chinese government were extremely difficult. Journalism in China has been increasing. From 14 newspaper publishers in 1982 to 33 different newspaper publishers in 1986, within four years the number of publications increasing by 19 was too much in such short period of time . We also need to look at what was happening in China in those four years. In-between those four years, China was going through the great economi...

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...g and blocking was very shocking. It is a hard concept to grasp why the government would not want their people to know about the situations that are happening in their country. Why they must hide the situations? Don’t they deserve to know? There are many questions that could be asked regarding to these kinds of situations.
In conclusion, no one knows for sure how long Chinese government can watch over his or her media for sure. There are many Chinese studying abroad and nowadays number of Chinese studying abroad is increasing and bringing information not only about what had happened in China in the past and how others view China as a country, the government is loosing power to control or there will be increase of higher and stronger security system of China. The future of journalism of China is very vague because it is hard to see the plans of Chinese government.

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