Questions and Answers on Censorship in China

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--1- What information does China censor? And why?
China censors a variety of things. Most of the time it is negative things about the government, but it could also be about safety issues, killings, and some specific medical issues. China is very paranoid about the United Nations because they are concerned about Human Rights. If any information on the Central Propaganda Department's rules is released in anyway, then the government will attempt and most likely succeed in prosecuting the person. Posting about any type of Human Right violation will get the poster into a lot of trouble. A lot of the time the purpose of the censorship is to prevent panic, reduce protests, and try to not let other countries get involved. If a few people insult the government online nothing big happens, but if a larger group does that then the government will get involved. China doesn't just censor, but also they add things that make them look better. Sometimes they take over a website and change the content to the exact opposite. When there is a change within the government, monitoring increases and laws become more strict. On the contrary, during the Olympics, censorship and monitoring levels decrease due to all the tourists and all the publicity.

2- How is media controlled?
Media is controlled in various ways. The most common way is to completely remove or replace the information. The Great Firewall is what people call the firewall that prevents users from reaching certain sites. To find the sites that need censoring, they create algorithms to go through the internet looking for blacklisted words. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are required to cooperate with the government and sign the public pledge, which has been criticized by the United...

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...orried about China and it's censoring. Some businesses do not want to initiate deals because of the limited access of the internet. All the monitoring and censorship causes issues with business, trade, and the economy. A lot of countries are also concerned about the way people are treated in China. Some businesses don't want to rely on a country with Human Right violations. Another issue is that more trades and other activities that have to do with the economy are being done online, but with the Great Firewall the internet slows and it makes it harder to keep up. Random internet shutdowns slow down everything and can cause issues with communication. All these issues are costing China trading partners and financial advantages. China is just hurting itself with its monitoring and censorship, and it may cause problems in the future to the long lasting country of China.
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