Everyones Past Is Different In Everyone's Past Is Different?

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Everyone’s Past is Different People face different struggles based on where they are born. In Saigon, Vietnam children became victims of the Fall of Saigon and were evacuated to America to save them from any danger that might occur. President Gerald Ford agreed to send aid to the orphan children as well as children they felt were in harms way, even if their parents were still alive in order to give them a brighter future. After 30 plane trips, they had rescued over 10,300 infants and relocated them in homes in the mid-west. In the story, We Should Never Meet, by Aimee Phan It tells the struggles that the children brought over from Vietnam faced growing up being Amerasian in mostly white families trying to reconnect their past and the hardships…show more content…
Despite turning eighteen and no long being in the United States Foster Care System she is very smart and ambitious and likes knowing about her past even if she knows it may hurt to find out about where she came from. She goes to an Ivy League school and continues to reach out and see what it was like when she was a baby in Vietnam. I would like to believe, if I was put in a different country when I was a child I would want to know about my real home country. I may not have been born in Ireland, but my ancestors were from there so naturally I am a little curious about how my whole family came to America. She has it tough because she doesn’t have much information on her past yet she still goes to visit when Huan, and Gwen go so she can still see what her families past was like. Kim had more of a bitter attitude and she tried finding her true mother back in Vietnam. In America she seems to lead a dark life because she couldn’t connect with whom she was supposed to be if she grew up in Vietnam. I can see Huan’s side of the story because he is mixed race and cannot fully side with Vietnamese people because they do not look at the fully as himself. When dating Emily he even mentioned how it would be better if he were even half white it would be better and if he was full Vietnamese it would be amazing. Instead, he has to face being looked at as different when he already does not want to be in Vietnam visiting. In the end however, I think he enjoyed it a bit more than I thought he would, but he was still uneasy about exploring a past that he looks at as a period of time in his life that he was not wanted. Even if you come from another country you can still have questions about the past because when you are young you do not remember as

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