Evaluating Portable Hand Controls

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Evaluating Portable Hand Controls

At the beginning of January, Mrs. Jones broke her right ankle, had surgery on it, and she was left with a cast that stretched up to her knee. For the next several weeks, she was at the mercy of family and friends to take her back and forth, for there is no such thing as public transportation in this little town. Feeling desperate and trapped led her to seek out another avenue to get around without having to rely on others for transportation. Having knowledge of the fact that they do have devices for the disabled led her to investigate whether or not this would be a viable choice for someone such as herself. She had concerns over cost, installation, eases of use, and of course, safety. Portable hand controls are an excellent product because they are affordable, easy to use, and, most important of all they are safe.

Portable Hand Controls are an affordable answer to driving if you are unable to drive due to limited or no mobility of your legs or feet. With Mrs. Jones broken ankle, she knew she only needed them temporarily, with knowing that she immediately looked into finding out about the possibilities of buying the Portable Hand Controls. There are several brands and styles to available on the market these days. They are available to purchase either as two single controls or as a pair that is connected. You can find the cost ranging anywhere from $300 and up new; however, you can often find them used and even lower in price over the internet such as on Ebay or Amazon. Another reason this is a great product is that there is no cost for installation or removal.

The ease of use became overwhelming unanimous and convincing after watching numerous videos on You Tube, Google a...

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...d the Usage and Safety Assessment on the five most popular brands of hand controls. They tested the hand controls for vibration, environmental, high-cycle tests, braking, accelerating, and corrosion.” All five brands passed as being safe to drive with and use on the streets and highways. If you are interested in finding out information on a specific brand of portable hand controls, it is just as easy as going on a search engine on the internet, typing in whichever brand you are interested in finding out about and ask for reviews.

Mrs. Jones’ findings on the Portable hand controls confirm that they are an excellent product because of their affordability, they are easy to use, and for safety both on the road and environmentally. The Portable hand controls are definitely a great solution for independence when a disability would otherwise hinder you from driving.

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