European Energy Security

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The energy sector is one of the columns of growth, competitiveness and development in our modern economy, but just with safe, secure, sustainable and affordable energy, the well-being of the people, industry and economy can be ensure. Moreover, energy-related emissions account for almost 80% of the EU´s total greenhouse gas emissions which directly contribute to climate change. Therefore, Europe is facing a serious energy security challenge in supporting its demand, at the same time that concerns over environmental sustainability and particularly about the global climate. The question is: how can we secure, produce and consume our energy resources in a sustainable way and ensuring that socio-economic development does not compromise the carrying capacity of natural resources? Hence, the aim of this paper is to present a global vision of the European energy security and its relation with the sustainable development concerning different green perspectives and its social and environmental costs. 2. THE ENERGY MARKET 2.1 EU-27 Energy Consumption In 2011, gross inland consumption (GIC) of primary energy within the EU-27 was 1698 million tonnes of oil equivalent (1). Having the tendency remained relatively unchanged until 2008, GIC considerably decreased in 2009 (1). Much of this change can be attributed to a lower level of economic activity as a result of the financial and economic crisis, rather than a structural shift in the pattern of energy consumption (2). Indeed, in 2010 there was a rebound in the level of GIC of primary energy in most of the Member States with only Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania and Portugal, possibly reflecting the low level of economic output and consumer confidence in several of these countries. How... ... middle of paper ... ...EA. Energy Security and Climate Policy. Assessing Interactions. Paris : s.n., 2007. 17. Going green & energy security. Molho, Nick. s.l. : The Economist, December 11th 2013. 18. European Council. Presidency Conclusions. Brussels : s.n., 2007. 19. European Commission. Green Paper. Towards a European Strategy for the Security of Energy Supply. Brussels : s.n., 2001. 20. Green Party. Policies for a Sustainable Society. [Online] Autumn 2013. 21. European Commission. Directorate-General for Energy. Report on the Green Paper on Energy. Four Years of European Initiatives. Brussels : s.n., 2005. 22. Rosenthal, E. Europe Turns to Coal Again, Raising Alarms on CLimate. The New York Times. April 23, 2008. 23. European Commission. Directorate-General for Energy. Energy 2020. 2011. 24. Perce et al. Bluepring for a Green Economy. 1989.
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