Ethiopia Immigration and Coexistence in Israel

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Coexistence in Israel can be perceived as an empty notion considering Israel’s segregation policy, such as their mixed cities phenomenon. Israel’s concealed segregation policy creates a microcosm of marginalizing and excluding a minority group from the benefits of the state (Humphries, Isabelle). These policies have been preserved and enforced regardless of Israel’s democratic image it portrays to the international community (Humphries, Isabelle). Given the fact, Israel is a recent and socially developing country that has been compelled to accommodate massive waves of immigration in a relatively short period. In response, racism has flourished in these urban environments which encourage the exclusion and segregation of minority groups, such as Ethiopian immigrants.

Ethiopian immigration has become a unique example of modern immigration due to the high level of control from governmental organizations. In this process this community has become one of the most under-privileged and marginalized groups in Israel. Overall, separation of Ethiopian immigrants created a system of inferiority, discrimination, and stigmatization; thus, depleting effective integration and ultimately co-existence. This essay will explore the historical roots of Ethiopian Aliyah then scrutinize the policy of racial discrimination towards Ethiopian’s that was institutionalized by the bureaucratic systems created for integration.

Since 1950 under Law of Return, Jews have been permitted to return to Israel as citizen to reunite with their heritage. In response, Israel has created policies and programs to help shift and settle new immigrants in the country. Once new immigrants arrive they are placed into the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption program for three wee...

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...sonal interview. 01 Jan. 2014.

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