Ethics, Because It Is Wrong: Because It Is Wrong

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When you ask your friend what ethics means to them you may get a different answer. You may hear responses that reference religion, laws or whatever feels morally right. The framework for ethics suggest that feelings, religion, law, science, and cultural influences should not be considered when determining if what your about to do is ethical. Here is what you do consider ethical reasoning,
• Utilitarian, do the most good or the least amount of harm.
• Rights, treat people with dignity and not a means to an ends, if you can’t treat everyone ethically then it should be fair.
• Common Good, create strong relationships to build a community that works together for a common good.
• Virtue, values such as self control, compassion, love, and
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They present an idea directly stating torture is inhuman and not moral but indirectly because its illegal. When asked about the difference between illegal torture and illegal snooping they are clear to state that civilized people will not torture. When it comes to snooping, legal snooping exists which means you can have reasonable snooping. Torture is illegal and never ok under any circumstance. Does this mean if torture was legal, it would be ok? Would they support an argument on reasonable torture? They believe that honoring yourself and your dignity can be done by maintaining someone else’s.
Given an example of a ticking time bomb they would rather allow loss of life of men, women, and children to a terrorist bomb than perform water boarding they chose loss of life. The reason because it will dishonor me, you the person inflicting the torture. In today’s world we are no safer than ten years ago and I suspect it will not change in the next ten years. Kant would say if it’s wrong don’t do it. Mill would say if there’s a greater good, it must be done. Charles and Gregory are following duty based ethics, which is supported by Immanuel
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