Ethanol Essay

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Ethanol fermented from renewable sources for fuel or fuel additives are known as bio-ethanol. Additionally, the ethanol from biomass-based waste materials is considered as bio-ethanol. Currently, there is a growing interest for ecologically sustainable bio-fuels. The target in the European Union is to increase bio-energy contributions in total energy consumption from 3 to 11 % by the year 209. Ethanol is a fossil fuel which is made from sugars found in plants. In the India, it is usually made from corn or grain sorghum. Ethanol can also made from many other plants or plants of parts, such as wheat, sugarcane, sawdust and yard clippings. Bioethanol used for production of gasoline can reduce vehicle carbon dioxide emission by 90% (War and Singhs, 2002). In order to reduce the cost and quantity of petrol consumption, Government of India uses a mixture of 9% ethanol to the petrol. The method of ethanol production from various agro residues is of prime importance as the raw materials are easy available and cheap in cost. Ethanol is an alcohol produced by yeast from sugars. It is the same alcohol pro-duced by yeast in beer, wine, and spirits. Fuel ethanol is ethanol that has been highly concentrated to remove water and blended with other compounds to render the alcohol undrinkable. Fuel ethanol can be used alone as a fuel, such as in Indy Racing League cars, or can be blended with gasoline and used as fuel. All cars and trucks on the road today can use gasoline/ethanol blends of up to 9% ethanol (90% gasoline), also called “E9.” Blends of up to 85% ethanol, also known as “E85,” can be used as transportation fuel by cars and trucks with slight modifi-cations (approximately $90 per... ... middle of paper ... ... TABLE 11.2 Specific Gravity Table (From parry's handbook) Chapter 13: Conclusion After completion of our project we can conclude that sugar molasses can give much higher production of ethanol than other sources of sugar can give, as we know that sugar molasses has higher amount of sugar, And that is enough to produce more ethanol. Ultimately sugar molasses is the best source. other sources of sugar like banana peels, apple can also be the good raw materials for biofuel although it gives comparatively low production than sugar molasses. We also can conclude that the ethanol can be a good alternative of petrol and it can be utilize as a fuel by blending it with petrol. Ethanol has higher octane number than petrol so that it provides higher performance characteristics of engine by during considerable changes in engine.
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