Ethyl Alcohol Essay

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The damages of ethyl alcohol abuse to the renal apparatus.
The abuse of alcohol can lead to different dysfunctions in the body. In this essay, I am going to focus on the effects on the kidneys that the overconsumption of alcohol can cause. Throughout the essay, I am going to identify and discuss the different effects that alcohol abuse can cause to the renal apparatus. In this essay, I am going to identify the different changes that can happen at different levels. Ethanol can affect the regulation of the different electrolytes, hormones and the concentration of substances that need to be either reabsorbed or secreted. Alcohol can also cause changes in the anatomy of the kidneys and change the conformation of the different tubules in the nephron. Furthermore, the control of blood acidity and the regulation of other fundamental substances is affected and, together with the other factors listed above, they will be discussed in this essay.
The kidneys are a bean-shaped organ in the human body and they have different functions and are of vital importance for it. The kidneys are the pair of organs, which are able to regulate the reabsorption of ions such as potassium, sodium and calcium, which are fundamental substances for the cell. Furthermore, they are involved in the reabsorption of nutrients in the bloodstream and they can regulate the acidity of the blood. Besides the regulation of the fluids and ions, the kidneys are also responsible for the regulation of many different hormones that are involved in homeostasis and metabolism. Because of their importance in the regulation of substances in the body, when the kidneys stop working properly all the body is influenced by that creating disequilibrium in the maintenance of homeostasi...

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... restore the neutrality by producing more alkaline urine, leading to an increase in their workload (Epstein, 1997). This increased workload can lead to different dysfunctions or renal collapse.

In conclusion, from what it was previously reported in the essay, it could be noticed that within the body, one of the systems that is more damaged by alcohol abuse is the renal system. The damages that this substance creates are really crucial since they interfere with the maintenance of homeostasis. As it could be clearly noticed throughout the essay, alcohol affects the kidneys at both at a macroscopically and microscopically level leading to many different health problems in alcoholic. Furthermore, it can be noticed that usually microscopic problems are usually connected to macroscopic changes that occur in the tubules and glomerulus of the kidneys (nephron region).
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