Baseball and its Evolution

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The history of baseball has made cultures in America come together more than any other sport. It brings cities together to watch a common game known as “The American Pastime”, but the game is changing along with the world around us. Are the changes good or bad? One thing is for sure through all this. Baseball has become interesting along with being informative.
Many variations of the game used to be played in the 18th Century. They were played in New York, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia, but the first ever baseball club was called the “knickerbockers baseball club” created by Alexander Joy Cartwright. Cartwright wanted to United States and eventually the world to know about his new past time so in 1849 he went to California (because of the gold rush) and taught some of the gold miners the game. Before Cartwright invented the rules and regulations along with the name “baseball” people played a game called “town ball” and “goal ball” which was very similar back in the 18th century. When baseball began to expand rapidly people started playing it more often and in 1958 the “Brooklyn Dodgers” was the first team added to the “Major League Baseball Association” or “MLB” for short (Fay 2+).
The game has changed tremendously throughout the years. For instance the players are now given more individuality and are able to wear accessories and express themselves and individuals now. In the old days there were not nearly as many games as there are now. In regular season now there are 214 games in a season (Murray). A normal stadium now can sit anywhere from 55,000 to 56,000 fans, where as used to only sit a few thousand. In now a day New York of those 56,000 usually half are for the Mets half are for the Yankees one of the oldest rivalries of...

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...s mocked for going against the book even though doing so earned him many victories (10 greatest 45+). Doc Edwards was the manager of Cleveland and he gave someone who was on a 39 game hitting streak a chance to beat them instead of intentionally walking him and it payed off they won, but he was criticized and later fired for this act. He later said “I don't care if it was Jesus Christ walking up to the plate, I still would have let him hit”. Coaches can be the best of all time but sometimes it pays off to follow the set rules and expectations.
In conclusion anyone can change the game of baseball coaches, players even fans. The game of baseball never stays the same. It will change along with the times, but its how we adjust as players which makes the good player good and the bad player bad. Baseballs changes have made the game more interesting and enjoyable to watch.
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