Essay On Triple Bottom Line

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The common saying is, “money makes the world go around”, but businesses cannot operate without people to spend the money or the environment to create the raw materials needed to create what the business is attempting to create to make the money “rotate”. This is why a social responsible is not the only responsible that a business should have to not only preserve the organizations profitability, but to make an ethical stand for society and the environment.
Triple Bottom Line
The triple bottom line is a concept for business to not only be a profitable organization to benefit the economy, but to have a social and environmental responsibility to keep a healthy balance of the concept “profit, people, and planet”. To maintain an economy that allows
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The theory that is developed from these three examples is that business should act as the leaders for maintaining the three make-ups of the triple bottom line. Relating this concept to the multinational responsibility theme, a business must operate to make a profit to distribute wealth to the investor, while using recyclable packaging material to ship and distribute products to the consumers. The bottom line for the triple bottom line is to improve the impact on the condition of the profitability of the organization, while having a positive impact on people and the environment. Business do not need to spend money on monitoring the triple bottom line, but maintaining a moral responsibility would be more beneficial (Manktelow, 2015).
Corporate Social Responsibility The corporate responsibility is the how the business will integrate the goals and decisions with the social and environment issues that continue throughout the planet today (Musikanski, N.D.). Utilizing the triple bottom line concept, while promoting ethical practices and sustainability, the business can continue to grow even though more and more resources are required due to population
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