Essay On The Two Party System

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I think the two- party system arose in United States because Alexander Hamilton favored a strong central government, but James Madison and Thomas Jefferson opposed Hamilton’s idea. Thus there were federalists and anti-federalists. America did not have the two- party system from the beginning. In 1787, when The Articles of Confederation became pointless for the nation, the founders of the constitution met in Philadelphia and planned a new form of political system. The founding father of United States did not expect the existence of parties in American politics. They also did not have any intention to make the two party system. They were scared that the party system could split the nation. At this point Hamilton and his supporters called themselves Federalists, who believed in strong centralized government. The rest of them were Anti-Federalist, who believed that federal government might overpower the state and shorten individual’s right (McBride). According to the text, the main reasons of two-party system are: single-member-district plurality system of voting (explain this), formati...
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