Essay On The Pros And Cons Of The Constitution

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Although the Constitution was put in place to protect the people, there is much debate about the strength and weaknesses of the Constitution. If you lived in this era, would you for or against the Constitution? The pros and cons of the Constitution seem to be based on geographical location, with the primary goal being breaking free of Britain control and establishing a functioning government that we all can live by. The boundaries of slavery stood in the midst of forming a more perfect union. Creating a more perfect union had its’ own agenda such as setting boundaries for state governments, securities, commerce, and the welfare of the people. In establishing the Constitution, it was decided that three branches government should be in powers…show more content…
Their federal rules and regulations and regarding their employment that all employers must adhere to, but the separation between the federal government and the states allow states to have such rules as right to work state which violate a lot of the federal laws. The federal government has critique the employment laws since his first conception and continue to make improvements for example, discrimination against African-American and women was acceptable and federal employment, African-Americans was required to submit a photo ID along with the application on applying for position. This allowed the Woodrow Wilson administration to discriminate against people of color. The same way I felt about slaves, when they were given the freedom and had an opportunity to leave the farms, a lot of them were afraid to move and take on the new terrain out west where the government was giving them 40 acres for just working the land for five years. If people don 't like right to work states, they have the power to move to another state that exercise fair employment laws. I believe if enough people started to leave the states based on those assumptions, the southern states would abandon those old laws. CONS: As we all know, the President and Congress cannot monitor every group within
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