Essay On The Medieval Era

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The Medieval Era was a long time ago but it was an interesting Era. The theater back then was different then the theater now. There is a difference in almost everything in the theater now then there was back then. The Medieval Era involved a lot of religion, violence, and health problems according to the historical events, theater facts, and the play Everyman. During the Medieval Era the three Richards: Richard I, Richard II, and Richard III were heirs to the throne (“Medieval World”). All three where raised not expecting to to be a heir to the throne (“Medieval World”). They all had a violent death (“Medieval World”). Also in the Medieval Era Henry V made things better after the troubled reign of his father (“Medieval World”). Richard of Wallingford, was a monk and a leaper as well as England's greatest medieval scientist (“Medieval World”). During the Medieval Era people thought that you only take baths when your sickness, they thought it would cure their sickness, so if you weren't sick then they thought you didn't need one (“Middle Ages”). As well as not taking baths they had no concept of brushing their teeth (“Middle Ages”). During most of the early Medieval Era the life expectancy was only about twenty-five or thirty years of age (“Middle Ages”). Not only were lives short but people were short as well due to a number of things, like poor diet and medical care, the average-sized man was between five and five-and-a-half feet tall (“Middle Ages”). In Medieval Europe the doctors weren't really doctors, and didn't really know how to cure anyone, but one thing they did that they thought cured people was bleeding the patient (“Middle Ages”). Lots of people had physical problems such as hunchbacks,... ... middle of paper ... ...h as Everyman are intended to help reinforce the importance of God and religion people's lives (Everyman). The play makes its point that we can take with us from this world nothing that we have received, only what we have given (Everyman). The play shows the hero's progression from despair and fear of death to a “Christian resignation that is the prelude to redemption (Everyman). The Medieval Era involved a lot of religion, violence, and health problems. Religion was a big part of the Medieval Era. Many people were religious back then. But violence was also a part of the theater in the Medieval Era. During this time is when plays started involving violence into the play. Health problems were terrible in the Medieval Era. People were getting sick and no one had a cure. Many people died young. The Medieval Era is a very interesting Era to learn about.
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