Essay On The Feminist Movement

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In the 19th century, there was an up rise in feminism for their social role in life. Women were expected to be an average house wife, to take orders from their husbands without questioning them. The woman did not have privileges such as right to vote, to be educated, be free spirited and hold jobs. They lived in patriarchal society where man made all the decision in the household and his wife followed them. The inequality between the genders created frustration amongst females, of which after a prolonged mental impact they revolted. It can be said that the ambition for women to fight for their rights sparked the feminist movement. This movement was based on set of viewpoints, political ideologies, cultural and moral beliefs where women felt compelled to obtain their given rights. The feminist movement was a multi-facet of waves, each of which left an impression to the issues in relation to social status, legal inequalities, and liberation.
The attempt for feminist movement dates back to the early 1800’s, where women were not considered equal to that of a man in religious contributions. If women did not belonged to a rich class, they had no privileges or the will to think freely. Around the 19th century religion gained some popularity amongst the general women population. The goal for the religious feminists was to change how their roles were perceived in the church life. Their aim was to create an image that would shape their role in the church and hope the outcome would positively influence their quality of life at home. This motivation for change created two feminist camps, egalitarians and complementarianism. Egalitarians were feminist camps, focused on equality. The Democratics Socialist Perspective belief was ...

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...rkforce, balancing their social life and the right to own property. Without the 19th amendment being enacted, granting women to vote, they would not have any influence in political decisions today. The choice to hold political seats is now their right. A recent example can be seen through Hillary Clinton, who was a candidate for a presidential election in 2008. Women are now on a path to seek advanced degrees in comparison to the past. They are also holding higher positions within the workforce. There has been an incline in women working within various fields. Today a woman can choose to be an athlete, astronaut, surgeon, engineer, scientist, or any other career field of her choice. Women are now contributing income within the family household. The course for feminism is now in an endless path, moving quickly in the direction to obtain equality for all.

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