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The age requirement for driving has been a controversial topic for many years now. According to the law, a person can drive at the age of sixteen years, but they can drive earlier if they have a permit. The discussion has two sides because many feel that teenagers are mature enough to handle themselves, but some feel that driving is a dangerous responsibility. Teenagers do not have the maturity to drive at such a young age; moreover, I believe teenagers should be allowed to drive at the age eighteen. Many people believe that teenagers deserve freedom, but some freedoms are dangerous and may cause death. Teenagers are at the age where they can be distracted and phones are a main part of the problem because teenagers have the tendency to use…show more content…
Statistics display that one out of every five teenagers will be in a motor vehicle crash within two years of receiving their license. However, at age 18, the number of crashes drastically falls because the driver is more composed and mature. Also, 5,000 teenagers died in 2009 alone, this number has to convince Americans that driving is too dangerous for teenagers. Now, a voluntary survey was orchestrated by Edgar Snyder Law Firm that confirms that teenagers are affected by technology. Furthermore, 52% teens admitted to use their phone while driving and 34% of the teens also admitted to test and drive. These stats are alarming because teens aren 't the only people on the road; moreover, regular adults are on the road and are in constant danger of being victim to a bad decision made by a teen driver. Next, bad decisions question a teenager’s maturity level; furthermore, 60% of teen road deaths involve the teen wearing no seatbelt. Now, people may argue that if all teen are forced to attend a seminar on “car essentials” the number of crashes will decrease. This is not true because nothing can replace the actual scenario and the teen’s brain has low impulse reactions as well. Teenagers are young people full of life and many are taken from us because of car crashes and bad

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