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The student’s room design to improve the learning and performance.
The needs of the students have to be supplied; universities may have to make good environments where their students can develop their knowledge. Universities need students and vice versa, in addition one of the features to maintain this condition could be the student room. A place where the student take his rest, with excellent features and privacy, like good lighting, It technology, the furniture and furnishing thought to be ergonomic, and a cosy place. This report presents these lineaments trying to give tools to design a student room to improve the performance, and give relax and rest; furthermore, aiming also to get a durable room for next student generations.
Characteristics of the students: privacy
Nowadays the privacy of the students is taking the main role, universities are making their own surveys, and are looking that between the preferences of their students are characteristics that provide easy
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The colour could impact directly in the behaviour and the mood, the phrase “I am feeling blue” is an instance of how the behaviour and the colours would be connected conscious and unconsciously. advertising, clothes, cars, and houses, the colour in them reflects moods, that can change in relation of “gender, age, culture and ethnic background, among others” Although some reactions are universals among the humans, is important that the student room reflect a comparable good mood on their colours Sherin, A., 2012. Colours like, red, dark blue, black, have relations with stress, sadness, and depression; but, warm colours like yellow, orange, sky blue, brings hope, happiness, creativity, calm. Mollica, P., 2013. . Warm colours will reflect the light more properly and at the same time will have lower cost, having a considerable yield in the
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