The Effects Of Color On Memory And Memory

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One of the first things to be explained is that color has some very specific qualities and they are Chroma, hue and value. First is the Chroma which is the intensity of color or how strong the color comes across to the perceived view of the person. Then there is Hue, which is the name of the color and it is what allows us to distinguish one group of colors from another of a different family. Finally there is Value, and that is defined as the levels of lightness to the levels of darkness and allows us to tell the difference of the color within the indexes of light and dark color. Then there are the basics of memory, simply put it is the ability to perceive and store an event and then later recall said event when later needed for reference.…show more content…
This paper will present the various relationships of color and highlight the impact that color has on the memory and attention to information presentation. First we will go into the way that color has impacted normal settings and how it has impacted the world as a whole within the scope of human history for both nature and our current environment. Over the last 10 to 20 years the standards within the educational environment has put a higher demand on the higher standard of academic achievement, to which a student has to utilize their cognitive ability in an increased manner to achieve the new academic standard. These students need to have new type of strategy to achieve a more complete learning style so that they may understand, maintain attention, process, extract, and remember the lessons that they are given within a classroom or lecture environment. Colors could be just one of the elements of this memory retention system and allow the further motivation to student applications so that they can further profit from any education…show more content…
By comparing the way that color is better at getting us to encode and retain data that is given in this manner compared to that of plain black and white which the standard individual has learned to skim over. Depending on the time that an event, unique situation or important occurrence happens, a series of strong emotions can cause a specific impact upon the memory that is to be recalled, for some this is called a flashbulb memory. (Bower, 1981) Although there have been several other studies that have tried to explain the way that color has an affective reaction and there has been a limited amount of investigation into the idea. A very few have related that either saturation of color or brightness have had any type of positive response with in the study of color psychology. So it may be that within the specific area of hue that we find that we may find a pattern of how the context of given data is processed will cause a production of patterns of behavior not yet seen within the former studies done. We may be able to use the encoding qualities of color and the affective reaction to further influence memory, for we know that the way that different persons see an event at the same time is each seen within a different way and maybe the way to get them on the right track is to give them a

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