Essay On Slowpitch

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Do people think they know everything about slowpitch and fastpitch softball? In slowpitch, there are ten players from each team allowed on the field; while in fastpitch, there is one less player on the the field. Slowpitch is played during the fall by both male and female players. Fastpitch is played during the spring only by female players. During slowpitch, the weather is very hot and humid; in fastpitch, the weather is very cold. Slowpitch and fastpitch are both types of softball, but they have their differences in pitching, hitting, and base running. The pitchers for slowpitch and fastpitch are very different. In slowpitch, the ball is pitched underhanded. The ball is a high-arcing pitch that drops right behind home plate. The arc of the pitch must be between six to twelve feet, or the pitch will be called an illegal…show more content…
There is a slight difference between the distances of the bases. In slowpitch, the bases are sixty-five feet apart, but the bases are sixty feet apart in fastpitch. In slowpitch, the base runner cannot leave the base until the batter makes contact with the ball. Stealing is not allowed in slowpitch; if the base runner leaves too early, he or she is automatically out. In fastpitch, the base runner is allowed to get a lead off the base once the pitcher has released the ball. The base runner is allowed to steal bases in fastpitch. However, the base runners should slide to make sure they are safe, which is fun. If the ball is hit in the air, the base runner should stay and tag-up on the base. They only use tag if the base runner is fast or if the base runner can get to the next base without getting out. In fastpitch, the base runner has a huge advantage in base running over slowpitch base runners. Most importantly, the base runner must touch every base to be safe; the base runner is allowed to run off only first base and home plate. Whenever running bases always be
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