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Noad and Rogers (2008) analysed that many studies have been done on how store entrances influence the consumer behaviour. The results specified that store entrances are significant to store though there are various other elements of retailing those have their own level of importance. Also, the level of importance of the elements depends on consumers planned buying, unplanned buying or an impulse buying. Store entrances can increase the performance of retail store by affecting the customers’ unplanned or impulsive buying behaviour while entering the store. Effective and well-designed store entrances create positive attitude of customers toward the store and they spend more time in the store and also increase the level of browsing. In the retail sector, easily used entrances of store and attractive appearance are affirmative features that encourage customers visit to the store. Moerloose et al (2005) demonstrated that results recommend that retailing can be positively executed with up to three easily used entrances to the store allowing for better inside store traffic flow. Comfortabl...

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