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What is the purpose of life after death?

In Islam, the purpose of life is to worship God. Life is only a test or trial for the individual to show his true nature. Muslims believe that they were created by God, will only spend a period of time in this world, and that they will be judged fairly by Allah for all their deeds. The purpose of this life is to determine the outcome and permanent position of an individual in the next life. If the purpose of life was to accumulate wealth or some other material possession, there would be no purpose after becoming wealthy or acquiring this possession. Therefore, the purpose of life must be to worship God as any purpose of life that revolves around material acquisition would be purposeless after acquiring that material. Worship is also a broad term in this context; worship can be seen as doing the obvious acts of worship, as well as; helping others around you, studying and making contributions to the advancements in the world. This is clearly conveyed in the following Hadith of the Prophet (P.B.U.H),

“Greeting a person is charity. Acting justly is charity. Helping a man with his steed is charity. A good word is charity. Every step taken on the way to performing prayers is charity. Removing an obstacle from the road is charity.”

Also, if wealth was to be the purpose of life, what would be the purpose of a wealthy individual’s life? Wealth is merely a temporary measure of success and cannot be brought with one after they die. There, the purpose of life must transcend physical needs, henceforth; wealth could not be the purpose of life. This is supported by an extract from the Holy Quran,

“Wealth and children are [but] adornment of the worldy life. But the enduring good deeds are better to you...

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...their sins, he is not considered to be just. Therefore, since God is a just God, the judgement in life after death where individuals will be judged based on their deeds and equally punished or rewarded, would support the concept of life after death clearly. As is shown in the following extract from the bible,

“God…commands all [people] everywhere to repent. For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to all [people] by raising him from the dead” (Acts 17:30, 31).

The significance of judgement is so that individuals have a reason to do good or bad, which will affect them in the afterlife. For example, doing good deeds would have to be rewarded, therefore giving life after death a purpose. The purpose of life after death is to ensure that every individual is given just and fair reckoning.
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