The Purpose Driven Life: The Six Propositions Of Existential Psychology

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1001 words

Nelson, Shanika, Existential Psychology Explain the six propositions of this theory and give your opinion of each proposition and for the theory in general. Proposition 1: This is the self-awareness proposition. All human beings are capable of increasing their awareness. As factors influence our lives, we have the ability to develop self-awareness to our fullest potential and personal fulfillment. In this capacity, we have choices and/or decisions that can determine our destiny. The more we become self-aware the more we are conscious of our choices and the consequences. We have the freedom to “feel” meaning that we are entitled to our own emotions. In my opinion, to be self-aware is to know oneself. Self-awareness is to understand your strengths and weaknesses and your ability to motivate yourself to be greater. It will also give you a clear picture of how other’s perceive you and helps you to understand others as well because you have the ability to relate. Proposition 2: People are free to choose how they want to live; because of this choice individuals are responsible for shaping …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the six propositions of the theory and gives their opinion of each proposition.
  • Explains that all human beings are capable of developing self-awareness to their fullest potential and personal fulfillment.
  • Explains that people are free to choose how they want to live; they are responsible for shaping their destiny. only we can play the role that is most significant to shaping our future.
  • Opines that human beings strive to find their unique self, but also to connect with others and create meaningful relationships that they can relate to.
  • Quotes rick warren's book, the purpose driven life: what on earth am i here for. he writes that our life begins with god and it is he who directs our lives.
  • Explains that anxiety is the concept of unavoidable results of reality confronted by the existence of death, meaninglessness, fear, freedom, and isolation. therapists differentiate neurotic anxiety and what is considered normal anxiety.
  • Opines that life and death go hand in hand just as the fear of death and life are related. we can only live in the present and should live as meaningful as possible.

The author is Rick Warren, who is considered to be “America’s most influential spiritual leader”. He writes that our life begins with God, and it is He who directs our lives. As we search for the purpose of our existence we should seek spiritual guidance and listen to the small voice we have within. I have read the book, and although I don’t agree with everything he says, it is a valuable read for those who are lost in their own existence and searching for inner self-awareness and assurance. Many of us feel as if we are accidents and resent the trials and tribulations we go through. Rather, we should seek the lesson to be learned from our struggles, and overcome. We are not accidents; in fact, our lives are much more than that. Whether parents planned for us or not it was in God’s

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