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Physical Attractiveness Appearance matters much more than most people would like to admit. It follows us day to day and it even helps us during important life interactions. The stereotype of “What is beautiful is good” is perceived as attractive people do good things and are considered to be socially desirable. Physically attractive people get showed more attention and are more positively viewed than unattractive people. It’s hard to figure out why exactly that is, though. Just because one person is more attractive to look at doesn’t make them any less interesting to talk to or any more fun to hang out with. It’s all in the way that attractive people are perceived. People who are considered to be physically attractive have many more advantages in life than other people who are not. It’s not always fair but, unfortunately, it’s how us human beings think and act everyday. What is Considered Physically Attractive? The question on most people’s minds is: What is considered physically attractive? That’s the question that people can go through life and never find the same answer twice. Everyone has a different perception of what is attractive. Females tend to be more attracted to men who display more masculinity and symmetry. Symmetry of the face including, cheekbones, jaw width, and height and width of eyes, is considered favorable to women because it can show developmental stability and a higher genetic quality (Danel & Powlowski, 2007). Men tend to be more attracted to women who have more reproductive potential and a healthy body type. Men prefer to be with a woman that he not only finds appealing to the eye, but also physically able to bear children. Women also tend to be more attracted to men with higher income and status whereas ... ... middle of paper ... ...self-esteem. Physically attractive people are treated in a very positive manner by most people and are viewed in a more positive way than unattractive people. Attractiveness is described as more warm, inviting, and even pleasing for other people to talk to and to be around. Everyone’s idea of what is attractive will vary from person to person. There are traits and characteristics that are considered to be universally attractive that will be advantageous to the individual who possesses them. Attractiveness is something that will follow an individual for their entire life. Whether a child is considered attractive or unattractive, they will be characterized by that starting at a very young age and they will never be able to escape from it. It isn’t something that most people particularly like about our societies now but it’s not something that’s ever going to go away.

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