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Heidi Murkoff once said, “It doesn 't take a brain surgeon... or a cardiologist... or a pediatrician... or even a policy wonk to figure out that a penny 's worth of preventive care is worth many dollars of sick care.” When I was younger I noticed that I always had an interest in becoming more engaged in a child 's life. There are kids out there that are in need of help and there is not many people employed in this occupation to actually connect with them. The career of pediatrician is a beneficial career, because of the personal benefits and the long lasting experience. The research will introduce to others the career of pediatrician. It will include; what is required to become a successful, the impact this career has on society,
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In preparation of being a pediatrician you have to be a patient person because this job doesn 't come as easy as others. There is so much to be prepared for before becoming a pediatrician. While in high school biology, chemistry, physics, and physiology are important science classes that you must have in order to be prepared for this career. English, foreign languages, and speech what only help your communication skills while talking to patients. Psychology is not a must, but it helps increase your understanding of others and it is also beneficial. You must be certified by the American Board of paramedics. All physicians must be licensed to practice in the United States. In order to become licensed, physicians must pass a state exam given by their state’s board of medical examiners You have many certifications and education coming your way before you can earn this position. When I become a senior, I plan to visit medical schools to see what they have to offer me. Before doing all that, you must have experience in working with kids. When I go to school to become a pediatrician, I expect to study about the life cycle of kids and how they develop. Even though people think this job is easy it 's really not because you are dealing with human beings with immune systems that have not been strongly develop and u must take your time and be very careful. When going to a 4-year…show more content…
They are physician which is similar to the pediatrician, but slightly different. Physicians prescribe medicines for the patient and otherwise treat diseases and disorders of the human body. The physician may also perform surgery or often specializes in one aspect of medical care and treatment. Their personal skills should be helping and teaching others and they must be technical and scientific. They usually work primarily indoors and primarily multiple locations. Education level is just a medical degree just like a pediatrician would. Their salary is 82,630 to 190 3250. Pathologist are physicians who analyze tissue specimens to identify abnormality and diagnose diseases. They also need helping and teaching skills and must be technical and scientific. This career must also have a medical degree like pediatrician and physician . A Pathologist salary is 194,372 to 240,414. Cardiologist are physicians who practiced in the subspecialty of internal medicine that concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Cardiologist study a patient’s Electrophysiology information on computer monitors to find the area of the heart that needs attention. During their job, the cardiologist reviews a patient 's medical history and taken medical history cardiologist then perform a physical examination. This is a very interesting job because this will be your first opportunity to listen to the patient 's heart
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