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Organ donation is the contribution of the biological tissue of the body of a human being, right from a dead or living persona to a receiver who is alive and needs a transplantation. The organs are removed by doctors in a surgical process following a determination, based on the donor’s medical history. The increasing shortage of organs for transplant is a major issue for transplant services worldwide. Internationally, the number of patients included on the waiting lists has been increasing while the number of donors and organs available for transplantation has either not increased or increased at a much slower rate. This gap is increasing over time and results in patients spending longer on waiting lists. These patients may deteriorate or even die while waiting for a transplant. Closing the gap requires either an increased supply of organs for transplant or a reduction in the need for transplantation, e.g. through prevention of ill health. Increasing the supply of organs requires a higher number of organ donors, as well as increased utilization of available organs. Nurses’ attitudes, experience and knowledge and unit routines should may significantly affect the identification and care of possible donors and their families (Bidigare and Oermann 1991, Collins 2004, Flode and Forsberg 2009). Relatives’ considerate of the brain death concept, their perceptions of the quality of the attention of the probable donor and the person making the call’s expertise for organ donation is the factors influencing the relatives’ organ donation decision The organ donor process is mind tasking, challenging and requires professional competence (flood & Forsberg 2009, Pearson et al. 2001, Meyer & Bjork 2008). Nevertheless, such competence may vary due ... ... middle of paper ... ...onor screening and maintenance and requires a proactive attitude at this stage. • Donation and transplantation process. Donor maintenance requires guidelines and operational procedures to ensure optimal donor maintenance. Retrieval of organs requires guidelines and operational procedures. • Clinical and legal certification – criteria for diagnosis of brain stem death • Consent arrangements: the general consensus in the literature is that it is advisable to discuss donation with relatives regardless of the particular consent systems in use. • Allocation criteria: Organs should be allocated according to clear and established criteria. There may also be a policy for organ exchange Organizational arrangements for many of these areas vary across states in Europe. Appropriate support for families of all relevant patents should also be a major component of the structure.

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