Essay On Offshoring

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Some proclaimed that offshoring can bring benefits to the organization and its stakeholders, instilling the idea that they will reap the benefits of higher profits through the practice of offshoring. The profits earned from offshoring certain jobs and aspects of the company could be used for further investments in the firm, claiming that development of employment opportunities for workers is imminent (Bryan, 2011). Although this does paint an impressive picture of the possibility of what offshoring can provide, this however does not reflect the reality being experienced in the United States, in terms of the employment situation for the working/middle class. This is a downside to offshoring as it is affecting the middle class by reducing its numbers, further widening the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States (Bryan, 2011). Global competitiveness has lead corporations to view offshoring as a necessity rather than as a choice. The advantage often viewed with regards to offshoring is the considerably lower wages available through offshored workers. According to Bryan ...
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