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Throughout the years Latin music has slowly made an impact in the music industry in the United States, from the traditional mariachi to the vibrant Rock en Español. But it is the controversial folk-music genre called narcocorridos that has made a major impact in the last few years in the United States, mainly the southwestern states that border with Mexico. Also called drug ballads, this subgenre of the traditional corrido has emerged since the 1990’s as the principal instrument to chronicle the odyssey of Mexicans across the Rio Grande in a drug-infested universe (Stavans). Played by the tuba, an accordion, drums and a guitar, narcocorridos are about violent confrontations between cartels and the luxury lives of powerful drug lords. With the violent drug wars in the last ten years in Mexico, narcocorridos have been the music trend to many, mainly the young generation. People get influence by this music and want to live the expensive and exotic life these drug lords live by. In this research paper I am going to explain how the emergence of narcocorridos has influenced the young generation and societies in the United States and Mexico.
The narcocorrido is a subgenre of a corrido. The corrido first started in the late nineteenth century, but reach its peak in the Mexican Revolution 1910 when political leaders like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata were in action in Mexico (Stavans). Throughout the years corridos have covered other major events that have involved important figures like labor activist Cesar Chavez, tejana singer Selena and the revolutionary Subcomandante Marcos. Figures like these are praised in corridos in a way so that the audience can spill out their emotion and always remember them. The corrido consists of four m...

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...any innocent people. The narcocorrido has only made the narcoculture more popular. The young generation that listen to this music gets influence easily and make them want to be like these drug lords. They want to live the exotic and luxury lives these drug lords live. They identify themselves more by changing their clothing and cruising the streets with expensive cars. This is affecting the social lives of many people. People do not want to travel the beautiful country of Mexico anymore because of this danger. Mexican citizens fear easy things like going grocery shopping because they do not want to be involve in a confrontation between cartels. The young generation gets manipulated by the narcocorrido lyrics. All they see are the riches, but what they do not see is the violence. They can be living in paradise or can simply be the ones suffering from decapitations.
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