Essay On My Family Tree

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Family Analysis When looking at my family tree for the first time, I realized how restricted my view of my bloodline was. At most, I know two generations of my family. But first let’s start with my main, separated family. My mother is Margaret Teresa Brown, born May 11th, 1963. My father is Willie Todd Brown, born October 1st, 1962. I have a sister, Teneicia Nicole Brown, born August 12th, 1987. Currently, we are going about our own separate ways. I will first start with my mother. My mother was born and raised by my grandmother, which all I know goes by the name Carolyn, for up to a few years at the max. I was never told why, but mother was raised by a woman named Madea, a woman of no relation. Madea raised my mother along with her brother,…show more content…
I barely knew some of my relatives. I interacted with them but I didn’t know much about them. I never interacted much with my mother’s side of the family except for the rare weekend occasion where I needed babysitting by my aunt. My mother rarely got along with her side of the family except for her two sisters. Her biological mother lives 10 minutes away from her but they have no relationship to speak of and my mother treats her with indifference. I would say her family are her friends and sisters and she seems content with that. Some may wonder whether being estranged from some of my family affects me in some way. So far, I haven’t noticed any problems not knowing them. I get by without them. The way I see it, a lot of my aunts and cousins from my mother’s side are family by blood only, nothing else. Save for my aunt, Marquise Broadnax. When I realized who my grandmother was, I was pretty indifferent. I didn’t really care. I saw her a couple years ago. I just said “Hey, how’s it goin?” We didn’t talk much, it was more indifference than awkwardness. We weren’t negative to one another, we just didn’t know each other. We both understood that and got along fine. I never felt that I belonged in that part of the family. I was too different and didn’t see things as they saw
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