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Multiliteracies and their essential seat in the classroom

This essay will explore the essentialness of teachers expanding their classroom learning to include ‘multiliteracies’. The term ‘Multiliteracies’ has two important aspects, language variation and multimodal texts (New Learning Online, n.d.) To understand language variation this essay will look at the origin of language and its progression to the idea of ‘Englishes’.
Secondly, the essay will explore multimodal texts, how and why it was developed by the ‘digital age. Most importantly, the essay will break down why these two modes of multiliteracy are critical criteria for the classroom environment and an educator’s repertoire.
Language Variation:
The first form of multiliteracies is
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Since information is available everywhere at the touch of a few buttons; children should be introduced with guided support. If they are taught how to decipher which information is credible they are less susceptible to ‘believing everything they read on the internet’.
4. The media is everywhere and can influence important decisions made by people. As an example, a government election; campaigns are on TV all the time. The same rule applies where students should be introduced to this with a guided peer, so they are not immediately influenced and can question the information, it’s source and purpose.

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