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Technological innovations change our life-cycle in anywhere and at anytime and it is a way to help us to do better through saving time and convenience. base on fast pace of technological changes, the effect is huge to community at large and also shock in marketing mix which impact on product, price, promotion and place(distribution) respectively.

1.1 Technological influence in product

Product changes and update as fast as the technological change because when the new technology appeared, it will be implement to our current product to improve the product quality then also improve the firms performance. New technology connects a new product, which means a promise for higher technical performance and offering extra functionality and increased benefits to customer(Garcia and Calantone, 2002;Hill and Rothaermel 2003;Zhou, Yim, and Tse,2005, cited on Kock A, Gemunden H, Salomo S and Schultz, C 2011).In addition, technology can achieve a better performance for firm productivity with a introducing a new product design through its technology capacity(Grant 1991, cited on Hua S & Wemmerlov U 2006). In the Burgelman, maidique and Wheelwrigh's report(1996), they said that technology also usually changes the product design and improves the production capacity(cited on Hua S & Wemmerlov U 2006).Moreover, high technical product can support the firm to offer a higher quantity and better quality product in fast succession then should enhance its product advantage and market success(Hua S & Wemmerlov U 2006), and another view is technological influence has positive slow effect on the relationship between firm's innovation and product advantage. technological force has ...

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... rent and workplace(Anderson 2009, cited on Sharma G, Baoku L and Lijuan W 2012). Sharma G, Baoku L and Lijuan W also indicated(2012) that SL is efficient for building a collaboration platform to remove geographic constraints by effective communication. On the other hand, high technical companies are not vary flexible(Dovieac L&Balascu M 2012). In Dovieac L&Balascu M' report(2012), they said that the physical distribution and delivery of digital product was completely eliminate with high tech internet speed and access in industries because of possibility of down (Dovieac L&Balascu M). In sum, with impact appear from high technical change, classical market distribution has been shocked such the selling digital physical stores have to consider about changing sell market from physical to the online and it had changed structure of market distribution into internet age.

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