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There is More to Love Than Love
The majority of people classify love as an overwhelming emotion that can only explain the feelings one has for a loved one, family member, other half or best friend, however, behind the concept of love there are many different forms of love. Not only is love the driving emotion behind every intimate couple, it is the bond between relatives, the strength between couples and the backbone to the human body. This theme is a constantly recurring concept that symbolizes and outlines the progression of humans through life and our ability to strengthen connections with others through sympathy, empathy, and love. While love itself is defined as “an intense feeling of deep affection” (, according to
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The ancient Greeks worshiped a group of Gods one of which was the God of love and fertility. “Eros represents the idea of sexual passion and desire” ( Symbolistically, Eros was dangerous and intense, giving the idea that love and passion are intense emotions that drive passion and human connection. This form of love connects directly to the physical body and its drive to idealistic love. According to Socrates, this “spiritually mature” form of love “can be used to recall knowledge of beauty.” It is believed by the Greeks, that this form of love takes place during the act of Tantra, also known as spiritual sex, however when Eros is overly masculine, it can be misused ending a relationship in heartbreak and sadness. This love comes from a physical attraction, interest and general affection which pulls it from a more surface level place rather than a deeper affection like Philia. Philia, also known as affectionate love, is called the love of friendship and is referred to as the second form of love. Between two equal people, this love comes purely from the struggles two people or friends are put through over the course of their friendship. As Aristotle likes to refer to Philia as a “dispassionate virtuous love”, the mind creates this love based off the emotions of trust, loyalty, care, empathy and even
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