Essay On Liberalism In The 21st Century

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To what extent is liberalism viable in the 21st century?
Maleen Olver

To be liberal is to be constantly changing and evolving to create new and amazing things. To be liberal is to change, and change is inevitable thus making liberalism constantly relevant. As long as people continue to innovate and come up with new and better ideas, liberalism will be viable in our world. Every idea that has ever influenced the world was liberal at one point. The concept of a free market economy, and a limited democracy was considered liberal in it’s day. Giving black people and women the right to vote was also once considered a liberal standpoint, as well as gay marriage god forbid we allow to people of the same sex to love each other. Now thinking about how some of the things that were considered so new and ground breaking and scary they just kind of seem like common sense. Yes you should be able to use your money as you see fit, yes women and black people are actually people and should have a say in society, and now yes people should be allowed to marry who they love and
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Once people realized that change was possible, they started to try and change things themselves. Before the industrial revolution people had no idea how beneficial the concept a free market economy could be, especially with the right to private property and the rule of law in place to prevent anyone from trying to take away from their success. Things began to change, factories were built, the caste system was somewhat eliminated by judging one’s worth based on money instead of birthright, and people began to make money. Years later we look at the industrial revolution and marvel at how we could have been stuck in a stiff monarchy if not for the liberal ideas of a few dreamers. We see the right to own property and the idea that nobody is above the law as a must, even though at one point it seemed

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