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Nowadays in United State, obesity is really a big problem. According to a report from Forbes in 2007, 74.1 percent of people who are over 15 years old in America are considered overweight, which ranked number nine in the world (Streib). According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 34 percent of Americans are obese (Salahi and Meaney). Among all the reasons why people get fat, eating unhealthy food constitutes a high proportion. Junk food, such as candies and fries, provides more fats, sugar, salt, and calories, which could easily lead to obesity. Why people eat fast food instead of healthy food? One main reason is that healthy food is 1.5 dollar expensive than fast food (Dwyer). As I am a government officer, I suggest government to increase the tax rate of unhealthy food and decrease the tax rate of healthy food to improve our eating standard and reduce obesity.
Generally, most healthy foods are more expensive than less healthy food. “Poor people are easy to identify because so many are obese. (Peck)” said by Anna Soubry, the Tory public health minister. The food prices have a significant impact on people who want to balance good nutrition. According to Geographic Differences in the Relative Price of Healthy Foods, the price of whole grains is 23 percent higher than that of refined grains in San Francisco, while 60 present higher in Pennsylvania and New York (Todd, Leibtag and Penberthy). Also, the price of fresh green vegetables is 20 to 80 percent higher than that of starchy vegetables in all markets across the United States (Todd, Leibtag and Penberthy). Due to the higher price of healthy food, a lot of people choose to eat unhealthy food, such as McDonald’s, especially for people who don’t want to...

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... do this action by changing people’s behavior. Children learn their eating habits from their parents in the early life. Adding tax on unhealthy food may be one way to force their parents to think about buying more healthy food and cooking at home, and start to teach their children eat healthily.
To sum up, most of healthy food is more expensive which need to spend more money and time than unhealthy food, so most people would not choose to buy healthy food. Also, from the report example of tobacco, it shows that increase tax can discourage of sales in one production. I suggest decreasing the tax rate of healthy food and increasing the tax rate of unhealthy food to balance the price and encourage people to buy more healthy food. Then, there will be more people eating healthy and less obesity. In the long run, there will be less people in hospital because of obesity.
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