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Islam is the baby of all religions, but that most definitely does not put a damper on the incredibly large impact that Islam has had on the world. The DBQ, or document based question, is an assignment where our class digs deeper into a certain subject by carefully inspecting and dissecting primary sources from the time in which the events occurred. Then we are given a question and we must present an answer and support this claim with evidence from the sources provided. The question I have chosen is as follows: Did Islam’s most lasting and important impacts come about through trade and peaceful interaction, or did they come mainly through war in conquest? I believe and will argue that although some impacts may have been influenced by war and …show more content…

This included differentiating between right and wrong, pursuing justice, defending peaceful people, and overtaking those who are troublemakers. Also, the 11th-century chronicle said that both Christianity and Judaism could remain in their own religions and did not have to convert to Islam. Islamic people felt that nobody should fear losing their own religion. If people wanted to convert to Islam not just for self-advancement but instead for the reason of following their heart and the grace of God, they were allowed to. In an effort to tie this into to my claim, the Fatimids were these tolerant, forgiving people described before, and under their rule, the trade networks were created between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Every religion felt protected and comfortable interacting with other religions when Al-Zahir said, “They should remove these imaginary fears from their hearts and be assured they would enjoy protection and care and retain their position as protected communities” (Antioch). This is how Islam’s impact came into play. Through the series of trade networks mentioned earlier, Islam allowed multiple religions to trade ideas and goods, become more wealthy civilizations, and become tolerant towards each

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