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The Incas and Aztecs are both civilizations in the southern hemisphere that were highly based on farming, trade, religion and technology. Since the 15th century the two groups have formed empires that can be compared and contrasted. The Incas and Aztecs had their own views on religion, economics, political standings, social structure, geography, intellectual aspects, and the conquest of the spanish. The Incas and Aztecs can be compared and contrasted in various ways.

During the 15th century a group of fearless warriors and pragmatic builders created an empire. The Aztecs were a group of around 10,000 people that lived in Southern Mexico. At the height of the Aztecs they controlled 22 million people, making it more populous than any kingdom in europe. The developed had no formal bureaucracy. Instead they had regional kings and leaders to lead each area as long as they continued to send tribute. Aztec kings were held as religious leaders as well as political and were seen as representatives of the gods. Religion was a key element in controlling people especially with the sacrifice system.
The Incas were a group in South America around Peru that created their vast empire that grew in the early 15th century. The incas consisted of about 9-13 million people in an empire that spanned 3,000 miles on the west coast of South America. Incorporated ideas from many different cultures into one truly unique way of life. The Incas had a very sophisticated and effective bureaucracy.
Since religion was a key element in both groups, for the Aztecs their beliefs were diverse or broad. The Aztecs believed that there were multiple heavens and hells, and that the sun wrestle with darkness. They believed in sacrificing humans to please their gods....

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...the end of the Inca empire and is now currently Chile and Colombia.
The Aztecs and the Incas are compared and contrasted in multiple ways. With their views on religion they believe in some of the same gods but the Incas religious views are less violent and more peaceful. Both economies are strongly based on agricultural production, goods and services, trades, and ways of transportation. Politically both groups had their own forms of ruling whether it was local governing or province governing. Social structure both the Incas and the Aztecs had social classes that went from lowest to highest. Geographically both the Incas and the Aztecs have good locations due to the amount and the usage of agricultural goods. Intellectually both groups have advanced in technology and inventions. And to end both empires were taken down due to the Spanish colonization in the Americas.

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