Aztec And Kiowa Tribes

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The Aztec and the Kiowa Tribes The Aztec and the Kiowa were two very different people. The Aztec lived in the Central Valley of Mexico, while the Kiowa tribe were nomads that roamed the Great Plains of North America. The first Aztec people were from northern Mexico dating back to about 500 A.D. In the year 1427, the Aztec became very powerful, they fought with other cities in Mexico’s Central Valley and established their empire. In 1521, Spanish conquistadors came to Tenochtitlan, the Aztec main city, and destroyed it in a quest for gold. The Kiowa tribe roamed the Great Plains of North America, mostly in Oklahoma and Kansas. When the American settlers expanded to the West, this tribe was one of the many that was forced into small reservations. As of 2011, there were about 12,000 Kiowa left in the United States. Their reservation is located on the border of Oklahoma and Texas. The Aztec and Kiowa tribes were similar in some ways but different in many including their housing, food, clothing, religion, and warfare. Scientists have recently discovered links to the Kiowa and Aztec religions. For example both tribes worshiped a stone image, Taimay, and both tribes followed a pictographic calendar. The language that the Kiowa spoke can be traced back to the Uto-Aztecan language like Latin and English. The Kiowa languages also have connections to the Bannocks, Comanche’s, Paragons, Paiutes, Pima, Shoshones, and Utes. The Kiowa and Aztec preformed many dances of praise including the Sun Dance. However, the Kiowa also had many unique dances including the Scalp, Corning, Feather, and Ghost praising nature and life. Each dance was preformed to celebrate different achievements. For example, the scalp dance was preformed when men returned ... ... middle of paper ... ...aniards, Mexicans, and Americans. The Aztec unlike the Kiowa warned their enemy before attacking them. When they decided to attack a city, an ambassador was sent to offer protection in turn for gold or a precious stone. The Aztec gave them about 20 days to make a decision. If the city refused, the Aztec sent more ambassadors and told the city leaders about the destruction of their city if they refused. If the city still refused, the Aztec would start a war against the city and destroy it. In these wars the Aztec took prisoners for sacrifice and precious stones or gold. The Aztec and Kiowa were two very different peoples however they have many links. The Kiowa languages link to the Aztec’s as well has their religion and weaponry. Their main differnces are the way they lived, the Kiowa were nomads that followed buffalo herds across the Great Plains of North America

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