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Studying the Marketing plans of Hilton:
Marketing is the process in which the company communicates with the consumers to show the value of a product or a service in order to sell it.
The main objective for which this research was conducted is to study how Hilton devices its marketing plans by studying the Four Ps, Costumer Relation Strategies, Brand Identity Prism of Hilton, E-Marketing, Social Marketing and the Analysis of Public Relations. And this research was also conducted to find the gaps in this marketing plan and to provide useful recommendations based on the conclusions made by studying the above mentioned aspects of the marketing plan, in order to fill those gaps.
Hilton Hotels and Resorts:
Hilton Hotels and Resorts is a full service hotel chain, working internationally. The mother company of Hilton Hotels and Resort is the Hilton World Wide. Hilton Hotels and Resorts were founded in 1919. Now Hilton have operations in more than 500 Hilton branded hotels in more than 70 countries of the world. The founder of Hilton was Conrad Hilton. Hilton also sponsors for the Olympic teams of the United States. It was founded by Conrad Hilton. It had three branches with headquarters in Beverly Hills California and two other branches in San Francisco and Texas. From 1969 until 2009 Beverly Hills California was the Head Quarters. In august 2009 the company moved to Tysons corner unincorporated at Fairfax County, Virginia near Mclean. (Hilton World Wide 2014)
Hilton Hotels and Resorts provide full service to their consumers, which include, welcome drinks, wakeup calls, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and internet facilities. Basically they offer Luxury, Full service, select service, extended stay suite...

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...tion, development plan, advertisement, strategies, marketing by using different social medias e.g., twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, what’s app, tango, viber, hang out, flikr, YouTube, instagram, Orkut, Google plus, etc. social media is used for marketing b publishing, sharing, discussions, social networking, micro blogging, life streaming, live casting, virtual worlds, social games, MMO etc. Hilton should also use entertainment media for making good relations with the consumer, for introducing new facilities or new infrastructure, to the public. Entertainment media can also help Hilton to improve its image in the public, and give messages to the public in an affective and delighting way. Hilton can also improve their social marketing by sponsoring many seminars on different issues in the world, and also by doing more charity fund raising because people love charity.

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