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A multitude of studies and theories have been proposed to identify the human fascial system and its role , consequently the human body has a deliberate role in keeping all body systems functioning to the best of its ability. Authors have explained the ramification and growth of post surgical scar tissue on the fascial system, despite that literature explains a scope of theories. This appraisal will focus on its major thesis questioned and emerged frequently by many authors ,this review will begin with emphasising on the justification of all findings subsequently. Hence investigating all current postulation in the literature on post surgical scar tissue development and effect on the fascial system, this study consequence will be discussing clear primary deliberation on the prons and cons of fascia and scar tissue interrelation on the human body structure .

Within every body, fascia is a major part that is stretchy fibrous material, made up of reticulin, elastin and collagen and described as protective soft tissue matrix , that covers all somatic tissue ( Luchea, 2014) .Fascia has four primary layers the outer most layer is known as the appendicular fascia , deep to the panniculus layer is axial fascia , thus axial fascia has a continues layer known as appendicular fascia , neural structures are surrounded by meningeal fascia and the larges fascia that covers all body cavities is visceral fascia ( Schliep, 2003). Hence fascia and muscle make up the myofascia system and its described as “a superficial body suit”(, 2014) that permit an individual to move freely. Accordingly the post surgical scar tissue has many biomechanics and histology that diverge to those non traumatised connective tissue. Scar tissue replaces damag...

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...scar tissue manipulation and mobilisation with fascial release, massage, visceral massage and lymph draining and the effect of tattoos and myofascial release that can change a persons posture, curvature, height , muscle stiffness and daily wellbeing (Hovey, 2010).

Additionally , authors identified the great importance of fascia and the effect of scar tissue on the body, studies showed scar tissue release will be bought to the forefront of therapy and treatment. Massage therapy release treatment by Hovey and Werner can make remarkable and effective effect on health and well-being of patients , by integrating scar tissue release therapy into their treatment. Also as MacDonald ,Lewit and olsanska explained and used the importance of visceral massage,therapeutic and lymph draining to help with ramification and growth of post surgical scar tissue on the fascial system.

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