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diminishing. It is hard for the Navajo and Cherokee children to express their culture because they learn English is school and not their native language. Generations will eventually fade out, and there will be no Navajo and Cherokee people if English becomes a standard language. We need to keep their history alive, so the spread of new cultures swarms. English becoming the official language would hinder assimilation for immigrants. Being an outsider in the world is terrifying enough; immigrants should not be demanded to learn English if they do not want to. According to Chairman Mauro E. Mujica, 97% our nation speaks English. There is only a remaining 3% that do not speak English. We do not need an official language to enforce the majority of the population to speak English. If English were made the official language of the United…show more content…
Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of press. Freedom of speech contradicts English becoming the official language of the United States. “This is interpreted as the right to say whatever one wants to say, this could surely include the right to say it in whatever language one chooses” (Lewis). Our country was built based on the opportunity for immigrants to come here in order to live a better life filled with more opportunities. Multilingualism provides a diverse community where individuals get a chance to hear not only English but a plethora of other languages. It would be completely ignorant to see English as superior to other global languages; English is predominantly used in the United States but by no means is one language more superior than the other. Superiority cannot be defined as popularity; English is the most spoken language in the United States but there are other languages spoken here that deserve just as much credit. Having English become the standard for the United States would pit it against other languages and would cause more language competition in the United

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