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James Chambers
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Background: Edmund Spenser was a poet who is most famous for his work “The Faerie Queen”. Unfortunately his ma¬¬-ster piece went unfinished. Spenser also held minor offices in Ireland. He owned and lived in the castle Kilcolman in county Cork until 1598 when the Tyrone rebellion burned his castle down because he was a tyrant who tortured and prosecuted the Irish people. He even suggested he favored the annihilation of the Irish people in his work “A View of the Present State of Ireland”.

In 1552 Edmund Spenser was born in to a middle class family in East Smithfield, London. It is thought that he might be the son of John Spenser, a free journeyman cloth maker in East Smithfield, London but it cannot be confirmed. Whoever his parents were it is likely that his origins were in Lancashire where he would have had connections with prominent local families, such as the Norwells and the Towneleys. Spenser had one sister named Sarah, and numerous brothers. As a child, Spenser attended Merchant Taylors' school starting in 1561. His teacher was a celebrated humanist and pedagogical writer named Richard Mulcaster. Spenser's place at the school may have been secured by a relative called Nicholas Spenser, who was the warden of the school at the time. While Spenser was a student at the school, a man by the name of Robert Nowell is said to have supported Spenser. Spenser was taught about the works of Cato, Caesar, Horace, Lucan, and Homer while attending Merchant Taylors School. He also studied the rhetorical models of Cicero, Vives, and Erasmus; additionally he was educated extensively in Latin while at the school. Many of the students also studied Greek and Hebrew for ...

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...nce in Ireland, where a series of increasingly important positions and the acquisition of land kept him for nearly twenty years. A turning point in his career came in 1589, when he spent one more year at court under the patronage of his friend Walter Raleigh, who helped him publish the first books of The Faerie Queene in 1590. In 1594 Spenser married Elizabeth Boyle; their courtship and marriage are immortalized in Spenser's sonnet sequence, the Amoretti, and his wedding ode, the "Epithalamion" (1595). In 1598 political unrest in Ireland forced Spenser and his family to flee the country; his Irish estate, Kilcomen Castle, was destroyed in Tyrone's Rebellion. They went to London, where Spenser died soon after. He is buried in Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey. At his burial the leading poets of the day gathered in a ceremony to toss commendatory verses into his tomb.

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