Corruption In The Canterbury Tales Essay

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Leticia Romero
Mrs. Dale
English IV B-4
17 December 2013

Domination over a Knight
Back in the late 1300’s, Geoffrey Chaucer, a famous English poet, wrote a book called The Canterbury Tales. The Canterbury was about a man named Chaucer and a group of his close friends that were traveling to the city Canterbury and had time to kill so each person started multiple short stories and made a competition out of it. As a result as to who won the story telling competition, the rest of the people in the trip had to pay for one of their meals. Boring rides to the destination might be boring but not when Chaucer is around. The Canterbury Tales shows crime, punishment and justice medieval style. Through Chaucer’s various tales he demonstrates corruption, deception, and karma.
During the middle ages in England, 1154-1485, Henry II was king throughout the Renaissance; England established parish churches with their towers and had now retired from their late medieval form. Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the late 1300’s in London. He worked as a servant in the 1350’s making little to no money, just enough to pay for his own things. In 1366 Chaucer got married to a woman named Philippa. He started again and fulfilled diplomatic missions in Florence, Italy in 1370 through 1373. Chaucer had no time to write poetry, his true passion. His wife Philippa died in 1387 but he just kept working to pay debts.
Chaucer is best known for his works which included the Parliament of fouls. He is also believed to have written many famous poems, but also containing the most famous and obvious, The Canterbury Tales. The Canterbury Tales is Chaucer’s best known work. His plans were to write 120 tales but only reached 24. Sadly the famous English poet died October 25...

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...ting is a bit unsuitable for a less approach to life. And finally, explaining how she is the “loathly lady” in many other stories through the sovereignty theme.
Ireland’s purpose is to show how Chaucer had a good example to show his final order to his audience. He establishes a reflecting tone for explaining the Wife of Bath’s sovereignty. This work is significant because of the comparison between The Wife of Bath’s Tale and Prologue. (Ireland 10)
The Wife of Bath Take was probably one of the most interesting stories out of The Canterbury Tales. It shows how much women want power over men. How women want sovereignty but yet also want the love of a man.
The crime committed, punishment put upon the Knight and karma are all major factors in this whole story. Overall my personal opinion over The Canterbury Tales was that it was a great book. Many factors were proven.

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