Essay On Do Murderers Deserve Death

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Take Home Exam 1 2. Do murderers really deserve death? Why or why not? In your discussion, distinguish between acts of murder and other kinds of killing. You may choose to discuss “an eye for an eye” and other ways of determining desert. I believe that murders do not deserve the death penalty because they deserve to suffer. Nathanson’s argument persuades me into believing this based off of a few main points dealing with respecting humanity and the murderers motives. Murders don’t deserve death because that is seen as a way of taking the easy way out. They were morally unjust to kill someone, but taking there live would be sinking to their level. They deserve to feel guilt and pain that they caused on ones family and live with this pain for…show more content…
People have to respect humanity and restrain from violence by renouncing the death penalty. Murders get a personal desert by having a lifetime in prison instead of the death penalty, because they are still getting what they deserve. They may not be dead but how much better could their life get in prison? There are also various motives for why people kill someone. It could be on accident, out of self-defense, out of mental instability, or pure revenge. You can’t give the death penalty to all of these people because their intensions were all different. The mentally unstable person should not be sentenced to death because it is possible that he or she was completely unaware of their actions and should be admitted into an institution. They will be punished in other ways and society will still get justice from it. Killing out of self-defense is never questioned for the death penalty, yet the outcome is still the same; a person is dead. The murderers who do it out of pure revenge are always getting the death penalty, because people can’t see any other reason to justify their act and think death is the only answer. These three examples prove that there are too many
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