Essay On Culture Of India

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"India a colorful enigma that defines even the most artful attempts to sum it up" (Loveday 1). India is a beautiful and mystical place to go on a vacation with family and friends. India is not a tedious vacation like many other vacation spots. Some general information about India is that the currency in India is Rupees. 1 rupee equals to 2 U.S pennies. The major language spoken in India is Hindi. The capital of India is New Delhi. Estimated population 2012 population -1,219,187,000 (India 101). People of India dress in a way that makes everyone wonder how do they dress like that. Also, amounts of holidays that the Indian people celebrate are just amazing. Back when there was no sorts of technology people would make small houses and places to pray. That makes one wonder how were all of these huge building were made. It makes people want to see more and how they were made. Therefore, the culture of India is a item that one must see, the holidays are meant to be a part of, and the attractions make one see the absolutely true beautiful of a place. To begin with, India is known for it's culture and the way that the people live. "The culture of India is among the worlds oldest, reaching back about 5,000 years"(Zimmerman 2). The culture in India is one of the reasons of India's beauty. In India you will see how in many regions they dress in their religious/culture clothes. In a lot of region's you will see woman dressed in sari's or salwar kumeez's. Men wear kurta's or dhoti's. These clothes are a big part of India's culture. " At Amritsar, your attention will turn to the Sikhs and the Golden temple their holiest shrine, where pilgrim's come to see the holy book"( Loveday 2). The way that the people of India dress describes them ent... ... middle of paper ... ...To end it on a good note, the culture, the holidays, and the amazing tourist attractions are some of the many crazy reasons to visit India. The culture of India is one of the reasons why India is so beautiful. The holidays in India are rich of culture and full of fun. Throwing colors on every one is the fun part of holi. It brings people together with one and another. Even the holiday of Diwali while lighting candles for the new year. The attractions are one of a kind that people from everywhere die to see. For example, the golden temple a religious place but, yet has a beauty that no other thing can replace. Also, the Taj Mahal built just for a queen who's death made the king go crazy. How the white work of art is still standing in place. This is way India is beautiful and full of enigma. India is hard to sum up, but one word to sum it up and define it is Beautiful.
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