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Aluminum vs Composites in Aircraft Construction Since the Wright Flyer first took off from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903, aircraft designers have been searching for ever better materials to build aircraft with. Over the years, we have seen construction materials progress from simple wood frames covered with fabric to advanced structures built entirely out of metal. As aircraft designs became more advanced, the need arose for materials which offered both higher strength and lighter weight. Since the beginning of World War II, aircraft construction consisted mainly of structures built from aluminum. Beginning in the 1960’s, NASA and the United States military began experimenting with the use of composite materials in aircraft. This revolutionary material seemed to be the answer the aviation world was looking for. It promised both gains in strength and weight reduction. However, with more and more composites being added to aircraft over the years, problems arose which ultimately may negate the overall benefits of the composites. The first problem with the use of composites begin...

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