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“The Chinese are upon us, How can we get rid of them? The Chinese are coming. How can we stop them?” (Lee 23). America was not the most welcoming nation to the Chinese immigrants who centered mainly around California, Oregon and Washington. Those who decided to immigrate to America, during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, went through many difficulties such as legal discrimination, physical intimidation and violence, trying to live the supposed “American Dream”.
The Chinese immigration started around the year 1850. It began soon after the California Gold Rush and ended with the signing of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. One of the reasons the Chinese came to America is they wanted to to hit it big to send money back to their poor families at home. They also thought to stockpile the money and bring back to China with them. The main and most important reason the Chinese immigrated was the economic hardship in China due to the British dominance over the country, after Britain defeated China in the Opium War of 1839-1842.
The United States resented the Chinese for invading their borders. As one San Francisco newspaper said, “Step up to the front…and battle to hold the Pacific Coast for the white race.” (32) Americans looked down and condemned the Chinese because of their race. The way the Chinese dressed, and styled their hair made the Americans perceive them of not having proper gender roles. America had a big problem with the Chinese because they were cheaper labor, so factory owners would hire Chinese over the native-born Americans. Even though the immigrants were deemed as physically unsuitable for labor jobs, they still got hired. Also later on in the future Americans blamed the Chinese for a major depression that occurre...

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... of the country or was turned into a slave.
The relationship between America and China became very strained during this time. But things were ok before tension started. Mostly trade was effected but things are resolved now. A group called the “Fly Tigers” assisted the Chinese is the war against Japan also sending almost 100 fighter planes to assist. (Keesee 491) Both China and America agree that the relation between the countries are in the interests of the world.
Now that the tension is over and there no longer exists a major prejudice against Chinese immigrating to America people can live life peacefully. Since the Acts have finished America is known as the “melting pot of the world”, welcoming all races and all ethnicities. Though older Chinese generations had to survive a lot to achieve the “American Dream” anyone now has free rage of accomplishing that goal.

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