Essay On Carbon Emissions

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Regulation Of Carbon Emissions By The EPA Climate change is a change climate patterns over time due to increased greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. It’s usually caused by humans in which sense it is referred to as global warming. Global warming, as the name implies, is the increase in climatic temperature across the globe. The greenhouse effect is when greenhouse gases trap sunlight and heat up the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (2013) include carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, fluorinated gases, ozone, and nitrous oxide. Carbon dioxide is the major greenhouse gas, causing the most effect. Oxygen is naturally in the atmosphere, and the burning of fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide because they contain carbon. This is where the human effect comes in. we have become so industrialized we tend to forget that there are implications of certain actions such as pollution and deforestation. If Earth is treated like this without a change, eventually we will lose Earth or a major part of Earth thereof. This topic relates to this class beca...
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